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TurboCoderTM ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Eighth Edition

Please read the Licence Agreement. You must accept the TurboCoder Software Licence Agreement as part of the installation process and use of the product. The Licence is also included as part of the Help in the Product, where it can be displayed and printed. USE OF ANY OF THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED IN the PRODUCT WILL BE TREATED AS YOUR CONSENT TO THE TERMS OF THe SOFTWARE LICENCE AGREEMENT.

Check your system requirements. You will need a PC with Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 installed, connected to a Microsoft Windows or Citrix network. Novel network installation will require a special version.


How to install/update TurboCoderTM Network software

1.              Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an email from euroinfo@eis.com.au which contains your Licensing details, a link for you to download the TurboCoder and a Tax Invoice.

2.              Please go to our web page: https://www.ecompress.com/tcpubdl.htm?item=ICD10N (for Netware) and https://www.ecompress.com/tcpubdl.htm?item=ICD10 (for Microsoft Network) and fill out the form with your Licensing details to download the ICD-10-AM 8th Edition Network publication.

After you click the ‘Send’ button and the file downloads,
we recommend you select RUN. For some systems, a second dialogue box will open. You need to select RUN again. If your web browser only provides you with the SAVE option, click to save the file package. After the download is complete, you will have to click on the relevant item in the download list to RUN it.

3.              A setup dialogue box opens and requests your Licence Name and Authorisation Key (this will automatically appear if you have a previous version installed with a valid Authorisation Key).

4.              Enter your Licence Name and Authorisation Key. When you are installing a Network Licence– a / appears – click on the ‘Network accessible’ box and then enter the correct Number of Users as indicated on your invoice.         

5.              Continue to follow the on-screen instructions.


Setup window



If you have problems installing the TurboCoder, try again and take care to ensure the Licence Name and Authorisation Key have been transcribed correctly. If you can’t successfully install the software, please contact us.

To get the most out of your TurboCoder, we recommend that you become familiar with the user guide located in Help (press key F1 to access).

Periodic updates will be issued with each errata and/or revision. Registered users are automatically notified of new editions by TurboCoder Alert when using the publication and connected to the Internet. If your TurboCoder PC is not connected to the Web check our website www.TurboCoder.com.au regularly for advice of new editions and updates.


Contact us:

E-mail: euroinfo@eis.com.au or phone: (02) 9411 3711 if you require assistance.

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